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The Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Programme

How much is workplace sickness and absenteeism costing your business? There is no disputing the fact that sickness absence and presenteeism has a huge negative impact on the performance of UK industry as a whole, as well as the performance of individual businesses, small and large. According to the Department of Works & Pensions : Approximately 130 million days are lost due to sickness absence and poor health every year in the United Kingdom On average 1 million employees have been on sick leave for a month or more each year between October 2010 and September 2013 Employers face a yearly bill of around £9 billion for sick pay and associated costs Around 300,000 people a year fall out of work

Ageing: How You Can Slow it Down Through Diet and Lifestyle Changes

As we get older our body becomes more vulnerable to diseases and our appearance becomes an external manifestation of the internal impact of our lifestyles. Contrary to what people think, many of the degenerative disorders we associate with ageing such as cancer, arthritis and other bodily conditions are not the inevitable results of getting old. Rather, it’s the result of a breakdown of complex nucleic acids, proteins and cell structures. This sounds like it’s outside of our control, but it’s not. Using naturopathic methods such as diet and lifestyle changes, you can slow down the ageing process and help prolong your good health. Naturopathy is a method of treating conditions caused by agein

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"Leading a Healthy Lifestyle"


Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't just mean eating a healthy diet or exercising but includes many other things: particularly managing stress levels and finding ways to get the most out of life so that you feel happy and contented.

In this little booklet I would like to share some ideas with you that will hopefully help you get on the right path to improving your health and well-being and leading a happier and healthier life..

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