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How Does Meditation Help Reduce Stress?

How active is your mind? What type of thoughts do you have? Are you a worrier or an optimist? Did you know that the amount of activity that goes on in your mind and the types of thoughts that you have can have an affect on your physical and emotional health and well-being? It is estimated that we think approximately 50000 – 70000 thoughts a day. That works out at about between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute. The nature of the mind is that it doesn’t want to stay still, it consistently wants to think. Buddha described the human mind as “Monkey Mind”. He said that the mind was filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly, all clamouring for attentio

What Is Hypnotherapy and How Can it Help With Weight Loss?

Hypnosis is renowned by healthcare professionals and natural health practitioners as an effective method of therapy. It involves creating a deep sense of relaxation and calm which helps the individual feel comfortable enough to allocate their complete attention to what the therapist is encouraging them to speak about. Hypnosis encourages people to make positive changes within themselves and emboldens them with the confidence to do so. Hypnotherapy sessions are guided by the therapist but the tone is always set by the patient. Whilst it induces a trance-like mental state, the patient never loses control and is in an enhanced state of awareness that is concentrated on the therapist's voice. Th

Could your childhood & upbringing be affecting how successful you are in your adult life?

Could your childhood and upbringing be affecting how successful you are in your adult life? Well the answer is yes according to this article. Several studies have shown that much of our internal programming is developed in the first 3.5 years of our life. A study published in “Child Development” demonstrated how our social skills, relationships and how successful we are can all be affected by our upbringing, even 20 or 30 years later. So how can this be you may be wondering? Well, being a Hypnotherapist with a previous career in IT I am fascinated by the mind and how there are similarities to how a computer works. If you are familiar with a computer then the conscious mind is like the RAM, i

How High Cholesterol Can Damage Your Health and How You Can Lower It

It is well known that too much saturated fat in our diet and having high blood cholesterol levels is bad for our health. Making an effort to limit our intake of foods high in saturated fats is something that we should all be proactive in doing as it is a huge contributing factor in the development of various health conditions. Why is Cholesterol Bad for Our Health? Cholesterol plays a vital role in maintaining the normal functionality of the brain, nerves and sex hormones. However, too much of it and you are putting yourself at risk of developing various health condition such as gallstones, impotence, mental impairment and high blood pressure. High cholesterol causes a build-up of plaque in

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