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How to Find Pleasure in Each Day

Do you want to be happy? I’m sure the answer is yes, after all who doesn’t want to be happy? Research has shown that there are certain activities that you can do each day that can help improve your feelings of happiness. Here are some pieces of advice to help you find more pleasure in every single day and increase the amount of happiness in your life. Be Grateful for the Good Things A good place to start with finding pleasure in your own life is to be grateful for the positive things happening. Ask yourself questions such as: What went well today? What am I excited about? Who do I love? What am I grateful for in my life right now? Asking yourself these questions every day is the first step

The Proven Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy is supported by extensive science. Far from anything spiritual or exclusive to those who ‘believe’, hypnotherapy has the potential to work for anyone. It’s simply a case of allowing it to. But how exactly can hypnotherapy benefit a person’s everyday life? Aside from its clear value in assisting with weight loss, smoking cessation or combating phobias, how can health, wellbeing and general enjoyment of life be improved with hypnotherapy? Self-Confidence and Belief Many of those who seek the services of hypnotherapists do so with all-round improvement to their everyday lives in mind. Above all else, they want to work on their self-confidence and their b

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"Leading a Healthy Lifestyle"


Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't just mean eating a healthy diet or exercising but includes many other things: particularly managing stress levels and finding ways to get the most out of life so that you feel happy and contented.

In this little booklet I would like to share some ideas with you that will hopefully help you get on the right path to improving your health and well-being and leading a happier and healthier life..

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