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The Natural Approach To Treating Digestive Disorders

Are you suffering from any of the following digestive disorders?







Acid reflux


Then I can provide you with the expert advice and guidance that you are looking for to help you improve the health of you digestive system. 

Assessing the condition of your gut

The naturopathic approach I take with all of my clients is an holistic one and considers many different factors of your health and wellbeing like your physical, mental, emotional, environmental and social factors.


My services will accurately assess the condition of your digestive system through detailed questioning and a thorough examination of your current dietary habits and lifestyle.

Treating Specific Digestive Disorders With A Range of Naturopathic Methods

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Whatever the condition of your digestive system, 

I can create a bespoke dietary plan that works for you.

Using naturopathic methods, I can treat specific digestive disorders  and provide you with expert support & guidance on a range of approaches to target your condition, including:

Nutritional and supplement advice

Stress management techniques


Smoking cessation

Alcohol advice

And other naturopathic remedies

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digestive disorders

Clinics are based in South Manchester and Hale.

Consultations can also take place interactively via Zoom.

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