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About Me

I guess I have had an interest in healthy cooking since I was young but equally I’ve been through times when I haven’t looked after my health very well. Some time ago when my diet wasn’t very good I developed very painful gout. I decided that I was going to sort it out by changing my diet. I bought a little book on how to cure arthritis and gout which involved eating a low acid diet (something I’d never heard of back then). I followed the diet and the gout went away. I also had problems with migraines and problems with spasms in my gut. I again changed my diet and the problems went away. This led me to develop an interest in how changes in diet and lifestyle could restore your health.

I then decided to do a diploma in Naturopathy (again something I’d never heard of previously). I found the subject really interesting and passed with a distinction. My learning didn’t stop there, however. A few years later I went through a particularly stressful period in my life when my dad developed incurable lung cancer and my mum developed dementia. I turned to food to help me deal with the overwhelming emotions I was experiencing. I was incredibly stressed during this period and was eating whenever I could to try and forget what was happening.

linda orrett
Linda Orrett Naturopath

After my dad died my mum’s dementia became worse which added more stress to my life. I ended up putting on a lot of weight and developed various health problems which included a gluten intolerance, bloatedness/IBS symptoms. There were various other things that I couldn’t tolerate any more like tea, coffee, high fibre foods, some vitamin/mineral supplements. I had muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, joint pain and terrible fatigue. At least one day a week I would end up in bed with nausea and migraine. Any sort of physical or emotional stress would make me ill so I was unable to exercise and really had to watch my stress levels. As you can imagine I felt like a physical wreck!

Doctors were unable to help other than advising me to not eat gluten and offering me anti-nausea tablets. As I had qualified as a Naturopath I wasn’t going to be defeated and I set out on a mission to get myself well again. This involved a lot more reading and working out what worked for me and what didn’t. My road to recovery involved sorting out my diet and stress levels and letting go of the emotional pain of losing both my parents. To cut a long story short I’m now so much healthier, nearly all of my symptoms have gone, I have lost all of the weight I gained and I haven’t been ill for quite some time now.

I feel like I have learned so much along the way and see my illness as a gift so I can now go on and help other people. If you feel like you need help in restoring your health and wellbeing then why not get in touch? Why wait to live your life to it’s full potential, life is too short!

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