Hypnotherapy & EMDR Manchester

Challenge Unhelpful Thoughts & Beliefs with Hypnotherapy & EMDR


Hypnotherapy and EMDR have the ability to empower you to make positive changes to both your emotional, mental and physical well-being.

How Can Hypnotherapy & EMDR Help You?

Hypnotherapy and EMDR allows you to challenge existing thoughts, feelings and habits and help you change pre-existing negative beliefs which may be preventing you from achieving the best in your life.

There are many different ways that hypnotherapy & EMDR can help: 

Overcoming PTSD, fears and phobias

Letting go of anger and resentment

Weight loss

Stopping smoking, alcohol and drug addition

Improve confidence and self-belief

Overcome lack of motivation and avoid procrastination

Resolve anxiety and stress

Treatment of IBS and other psycho-somatic ailments

Improve relationships

Pain management

Plus much more...

Become Happier Through Hypnosis and EMDR Therapy


My clinic is a safe and confidential space in which together we can find the root cause of your feelings and set you on the path towards a happier life. Hypnotherapy and EMDR allows you to challenge those unhelpful thinking patterns and begin to take more control over your own life and happiness.

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You may be surprised at just how many things hypnotherapy and EMDR can help with. Why not ask?…

Clinics are based in South Manchester and Hale.

Hypnotherapy EMDR Manchester

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Overcome emotional issues and start getting the most out of your life with hypnotherapy & EMDR . 

Free Ebook

"Leading a Healthy Lifestyle"


Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't just mean eating a healthy diet or exercising but includes many other things: particularly managing stress levels and finding ways to get the most out of life so that you feel happy and contented.

In this little booklet I would like to share some ideas with you that will hopefully help you get on the right path to improving your health and well-being and leading a happier and healthier life..

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Consultations are also carried out in South Manchester and interactively via Zoom.

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