The following feedback has been received from clients who have had a consultation with Linda or who took part in the "28 Day Healthy Living Challenge". This was an online health programme which was put together by Linda to help clients improve their health and well-being and/or lose weight over a 28 day period.

"The advice given was fab and has helped me so much in reviewing my diet and implementing eating a healthy balanced diet."



"Fabulous programme! I started this to give me a kick start to lose weight and improve my diet. I've started to have breakfast in the morning instead of a sugar loaded Starbucks, eating at least 2 pieces of fruit, drinking at least 8 glasses of water and watching my portions… The menus were a hit and this will hopefully help me to plan my meals; which is another thing that I would like to implement which will reduce food waste!"


"The 28 day challenge was superbly put together by Linda Orrett, and it was good to have her there driving the whole thing through till the end!"


"I really enjoyed the program. The support from Linda and the other participants was phenomenal. Thanks again Linda!"


"I feel educated & able to keep a record and more mindful. Very motivational & informative."


"This challenge really inspired me to set and stick to my goals. I learnt lots of new ideas for improving my diet. I also liked the fact that the focus was on long-term health benefits rather than short-term weight loss."


“…I lost 8 lb and started exercising more regularly and taking lunch to work. It is good to see that the programme has inspired several of my friends to change their eating patterns and that they are seeing the results… the emotional eating aspect is very relevant to many people who overeat."


"A stone lost for me. No bread potato caffeine fizzy drinks alcohol or dairy for 28 days. Feeling energised and after a few days to regroup I am motivated to push on."


"I've managed to drop 5lbs and reduced my coffee intake and increased the amount of water I'm drinking. Still need to work on my meal planning but your plan has been a great start and something I can continue with."


"The last 28 days seem to have flown, and really hasn't been that hard with so much positivity from everyone on here. This healthy eating needs to be an on-going thing for me as I know it can change me for the better as a person physically and mentally."



"What I would like to say that I’ve got out of this is that I feel part of a team all of us trying to be healthy . My personal reasons for wanting to get fit and healthy is my wedding in a few months but I’ve not felt alone in doing so… I want to keep this up for months as I felt far healthier and better about myself… Thank you Linda for giving us motivation and inspiration that we can do it and I hope this forum stays open after this 28 days." 


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